AutoCAD - Advanced

Educational objectives :

  • Consolidate the essential bases of AutoCAD software to produce 2D plans and drawings.
  • Carry out and efficiently produce technical drawings and plans with AutoCAD.
  • Carry out practical exercises which ensure the acquisition of know-how for easy and immediate production.
  • To be able to create, modify and edit a drawing.
  • To be able to organize and optimize the management of AutoCAD files on the computer system.
  • To be able to implement the methodology of drawing (from the prototype drawing to the final layout).
  • Knowing how to make quick changes to a complex drawing.
  • Know how to extract and process essential data by different methods.


21 hours spread over 3 days

Not eligible for CPF

Training content

  • Ribbon type workspace (or tabs),
  • The application menu,
  • Opening of a drawing control purge and recovery of a drawing
  • Layers,
  • Snapping to objects,
  • Orthogonal locking,
  • Polar tracking, absolute or relative coordinates,
  • The adjustment bar
  • Generalities,
  • Grips (or handles), delete, copy, move, rotate, scale, stretch,
  • Using the reference, trim, extend, cut, chamfer command.
  • The zoom,
  • The points of view
  • Simple, multiline, text style setting

  • Basic AUTOCAD Principle for ... Multiple Leader Styles
  • Use and creation of blocks,
  • Creating blocks with attributes
  • Previous UCS,
  • The UCSFOLLOW variable
  • Layout,
  • Paper size,
  • Route orientation,
  • Feathers ...
  • Text search function,
  • 2d viewpoint memorization,
  • Viewing Saved Views
  • Creation, Extraction
  • Use, creation, styles of tables,
  • Functions in an array,
  • Import / export of tables
  • Design center,
  • Tool palette,
  • Layer standards
  • Design center,
  • Tool palette,
  • Layer standards
  • Design center,
  • Tool palette,
  • Layer standards
  • Évaluation formative sur un cas concret utilisant l’ensemble des commandes vues dans ce module de formation.


Day 1

Morning :
Reception of trainees, Presentation of training objectives.
Discover the workspace.
Drawing configuration and its approaches.

Afternoon :
Zoom on the tools: display management, text, hatching, dimensioning, blocks.

7 h 00

Day 2

Morning :
Back to the first day, questions.
Import of different formats, presentation, layout and printing.

Afternoon :
Template, selection of superimposed objects, viewpoints, block attributes and extraction. Approach on express menus, Projectname and function on references.

7 h 00

Day 3

Morning :
Feedback on day 2, questions.
OLE fields and objects. Presentation and handling of tables.
Approach to tools (design center, tool palette, layer standards).

Afternoon :
Quick selections and advanced properties, E-Transmit and hyperlinks.
End of training project

7 h 00

Each module will be followed by practical workshops on the supports provided in order to apply the subject addressed according to the trainee's situation

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