Reading fluid plans

Educational objectives :

  • Know and open the different plan formats
  • Understand the symbols and values inscribed in fluid planes
  • Measure and control digital data in a plan



Not eligible for CPF

Training content

  • The different file formats of plans
  • Open different plan file formats
  • Convert formats to each other
  • The architecture (levels, sections, stairs ...)
  • Dry networks
  • Gravity networks
  • Scales and ratings
  • Measurement tools
  • Information feedback for costing


Day 1

Morning :
Reception of trainees, Presentation of training objectives.

Presentation of the different plan formats with tools. Approach the symbols and read the information on the plans. Measurements and control of digital data in a plan.

3 h 30

Each module will be followed by practical workshops on the supports provided in order to apply the subject addressed according to the trainee's situation

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