Training Awareness Orange Software

Educational objectives :

  • Discover the main applications used by Orange for the deployment of its FTTH networks
  • Understand the operating principle of the CAPFT software which calculates the forces on Orange supports.
  • Understand the actions to be carried out in the OPTIMUM tool for the monitoring and management of FTTH sites
  • Understand how the IPON software works to determine the "optical route" of a fiber optic signal from the OLT to the ONT and the components it passes through.
  • Allow Designers, Designers and / or FTTH Business Managers in the intervention unit to discover how to design Functional Points, cables and zones on IPON, ...
  • Understand the functioning of the GeoFibre GIS, allowing the management of descriptive data of the FTTH network in France for residential customers.
  • Allow Designers Designers and / or Officer FTTH Affairs intervention unit to discover how geographically design and publish FTTH network Geofibre blanks.


28h spread over 4 days

Not eligible for CPF

Training content

  • BLO production processes
  • Reminders on the topology of the optical fiber network in ZMD and ZTD.
  • Presentation of the air network (air artery and presentation of the various supports)
  • Presentation of air sharing engineering rules (GC-BLO offer)
  • Technology and material
  • Presentation of the CAPFT tool and the field survey.
  • Practical work in the field and filling in the support statement sheet
  • Import into the CAPFT tool.
  • Analysis and interpretation of the results in the CAPFT tool with possible solution.
  • Editing of spreadsheets.
  • BLO production processes
  • Connection and navigation in Optimum
  • The Pilot's tasks during the study phase
  • The tasks of the PPBL, the works phase
  • Site saturation
  • Ignition of additional fiber
  • Monitoring of PB production tasks in Optimum
  • How to navigate in IPON?
  • List of technical components in IPON (codification).
  • Functional and physical architecture.
  • Consultation and search from a building, a Customer ID, a customer apartment, the shuttle form, a site, a technical point, ...
  • Creation of a project.
  • Description of terminal distribution (building PB, underground PB, overhead PB).
  • The legend of the symbols used in GeoFibre and visible in the table of contents and in the synoptics.
  • Management of Icons (Bookmarks, Location, Table of Contents, Filtering, etc.).
  • FTTH Management (Projects - Paths - Cables - PF - Management Area - Engineering Rules).
  • Infrastructures (Management of Support Sites - GC FTTH Itinerary - Building Repositioning).
  • Data export and impressions.


Day 1

Morning :
Reception of the trainees, Presentation of the objectives of the training, Reminder on the topology of the optical fiber network in ZMD and ZTD. Approach to BLO production processes.

Afternoon :
CAPFT software: presentation and handling of the tool according to different contexts (air sharing engineering rules, analysis and interpretation of results, etc.)

7 h 00

Day 2

Morning :
Continuation of learning the CAPFT tool. Practices in the field, editing of spreadsheets, filling in the support statement sheet.

Afternoon :
OPTIMUM software: BLO production process, handling of the tool and its different uses (pilot tasks, study phase, PPBL ...)

7 h 00

Day 3

Morning :
IPON software: discovery and handling of the tool. Scenario based on practical cases (functional and physical architecture, nomenclature of technical components, etc.)

Afternoon :
Creation of a project with approach to the various points seen in this training part (description of terminal distribution PB Building, PB underground ...)

7 h 00

Day 4

Morning :
GeoFibre software: presentation and handling of the tool with an approach to the legends of the symbols used, the management of icons. Project management in FTTH.

Afternoon :
Continuation of learning GeoFibre through infrastructures (management of support sites, C FTTH route, etc.) and other use cases.

7 h 00

Each module will be followed by practical workshops on the supports provided in order to apply the subject addressed according to the trainee's situation

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