Build and modify an FTTH network

Educational objectives :

  • Mastering Engineering Rules ZMD, DBZ-BD & RIP
  • Being able to design a fiber optic network (explore possibilities of optical cable routing and equipment / infrastructure set up) on a GIS.
  • Read and interpret any kind of plan.
  • Perform or update the synoptic.
  • Carry out the project design and detailed plans to meet the client's specifications.
  • Modify the technical plans based on information provided by the field and finalize the study.


105h spread over 15 days

Not eligible for CPF

Training content

  • Principle of PON for FTTH links
  • Definitions
  • Enumeration and identification of needs
  • BLOM architecture for the less dense area (ZMD): 10km Engineering between the client and NRO -> coupling 1 to 64 / Engineering larger than 10km between the client and NRO -> coupling 1 to 32
  • Optical budget of the FTTH network
  • Establishments of the PMZ master plan: Objective of the PSD / Prerequisites / Methodology / Publication of the lots
  • Transport Engineering Rules (NRO-PMZ section): Exercises
  • Engineering Rules D1 (PMZ-PA section): Reminder Engineering Rules D2 (PA-PB section) / Exercises
  • Application and adaptation of the ZMD Engineering Rules for FTTH RIPs.
  • Knowledge review of the QGIS Initiation cycle
  • Selection of several plugins (extensions) that can be used in QGIS to add specific functionalities to the software in order to better size a fiber optic network.
  • Use the mapping tools linked to QGIS (Google Maps, Street View, GéoPortail, ...
  • Read and interpret any kind of plan.
  • Creating plans from picketing
  • Dimensioning transport (NRO PMZ-part): Calculation of transport capacity / positioning and dimensioning of PEP / Exercises
  • Study of the PMZ zone (PMZ-PA part): - Preliminary: Connection rules for buildings and pavilions - Creation of coherent distribution zones - Validation of the position of the PMZ - Location of the PAs: the criteria - Sizing of the PMZ cables - PA - Special cases of large capacity PMZs or less than 300 EL - Pre-wiring of PMZs and PAs, switching on of couplers - Exercises

Carrying out complete studies of an FTTH zone on QGIS: - NRO zone - Cable sizing (NRO - PMZ - PA - PB) - Position of PEP - Type of cabinet / position of PMZ / PMZ zones - PA zones / the position of the PAs -…


Day 1 to 3

FTTH Engineering Rules Transport and Distribution sections in ZMD - 3 days:
Study of transport engineering rules, D1 and D2. Enumeration and identification of needs. Principle of PON for FTTH links, definitions, BLOM architecture, approach to the optical budget for the FTTH network.

21 h 00

Day 4 and 5

Description of the Equipment used - 2 days:
This module covers descriptions of the different components used in setting up an FTTH network. The PMZ cabinets, the optical distributor and its other components are discussed. Learning of other elements such as the OLT bay, PEOs, etc.

14 h 00

Day 6 to 10

Size, Build & Modify an FTTH Network on QGIS GIS - 5 days
Module around QGIS: reminders, initiation and deepening in the business context. The creation, reading and interpretation of plans are also discussed.

35 h 00

Day 11 to 15

Practical Exercise - 5 days:
This part focuses on putting into practice comprehensive studies of an FTTH zone on QGIS. All the parts discussed in the previous modules are reviewed in a concrete and practical way.

35 h 00

Each module will be followed by practical workshops on the supports provided in order to apply the subject addressed according to the trainee's situation

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