AutoCAD – Initiation

Educational objectives :

  • Fundamentals of AutoCAD 2D software - understanding of dimensional limits beyond software (2D - 2.5D - 3D - 4D - 5D - 6D - 7D - XD)
  • creations and modification functions of general technical drawings and process plans in general / Process Implementation.
  • Organization plans and technical drawings in 2D to the European standard - PDF rendering and / or paper printing in respect of the drawing scales of the trade.
  • Rules for optimizing plan production times (Work flows)
  • Best Practices for Security of DWG Files
  • AutoCAD business (Archi - Structure, infrastructure, Electrical, mechanical, process etc.) and other 2D CAD software.
Plan 2D AutoCAD
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21 hours spread over 3 days

Not eligible for CPF

Training content

  • Applications of Dao description of the Software,
  • Interface presentation: drop-down menus, floating menus, command area, information display. New workspace. Search menu. Ribbon tools,
  • Visualization of recently opened documents
  • The drawing limits, absolute coordinates, relative, polar.
  • Grid and resolution helpers.
  • Unit control.
  • Dynamic input, pointer input (parameters in drawing tools).
  • The different zooms, pan, aerial view, SteeringWheel disc.
  • Rectangle, circle, dot, line, polyline, etc ....
  • Handles.
  • The selection of objects by capture, window and selection options.
  • Distance, location, area.
  • The dwg files, import / export.
  • Properties, changed properties, quick properties.
  • Adjust, extend, copy, move, etc ...
  • Chamfer, fitting, offset, networks, scale, etc ...
  • Creation of a polyline contour.
  • Layer properties applied instantly.
  • Management and creation of layers: active, freeze, locking, filters.
  • Creation of a template file.
  • Creation, insertion, transforming a block into a file.
  • The attributes: invisible and visible.
  • Design center, range of tools, management.
  • Modification and creation of dynamic blocks.
  • Hatching: creation and editing, advanced options.
  • The text: text style, on one line, multiline, justification.
  • Management of parameters, styles.
  • Dimension a drawing: linear, aligned, diameter, etc….
  • Continuous and baseline quotation.
  • Define an UCS: origin, object.
  • Save and reuse.
  • Dynamic UCS.
  • Management, loading, addition.
  • Insertion of raster images, image adjustments.
  • Quick views drawing tool: object files and presentations.
  • Object / paper space.
  • Creation of a presentation in A4, A3.
  • Management of floating windows.
  • Scale list changes for paper space (format / scale list)
  • Scale a drawing, 1/50, 1/100, etc ...
  • Freezing layers in the windows.
  • Insertion of the cartridge.
  • Quick view drawing.
  • Layout configuration: colors and thickness
  • Plot styles, layout.
  • Preview and print.
  • DWFx files.
  • Publication with dwf: autocad viewer, PDF.
  • Hyperlink.
  • Publishing a file by email.
  • On each theme.
  • Examples of real cases encountered by enterprises


Day 1

Morning :
Reception of trainees, Presentation of training objectives.
Introducing AutoCAD and exploring the workspace.
Set up drawing and practice drawing techniques.

Afternoon :
Management of display, dimensioning, hatching, text and blocks.

7 h 00

Day 2

Morning :
Back to the first day, questions. Apprehension of imports, UCS and rotation from the point of view.
Presentation, layout and printing.

Afternoon :
Approach the template, overlapping objects and toolbars in workspaces.
Discovery of block attributes and extraction.
Approach to express menus, Projectname and functions on references.

7 h 00

Day 3

Morning :
Feedback and questions on the points discussed.
Approach to fields and tools.

Afternoon :
Exploration of possible automations (VBA, LISP ...), development of Web functions (DWFx files, hyperlink ...), practice in the form of exercises.

7 h 00

Each module will be followed by practical workshops on the supports provided in order to apply the subject addressed according to the trainee's situation

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